Saturday, March 5, 2016

Tips for planning your Galveston Island wedding

Engagement season had just ended and our mail box is jumping with the newly engaged, who are planning their Moments on the island. The sandy shores, night life and sunshine are a great start to getting down the aisle. We wanted to take a little time to share a few of our favorite tips to planning your wedding on the island. If your a local inviting guest to your ceremony try looking at the island with a fresh set of eyes, you know when your familiar with somethings you tend to forget the thing that made you fall in love with it. The island is filled with beautiful venues that are true to the island beautiful palm tree's, sand, historical homes, beach front ones also, no matter the location make sure  that the design details flow well with the space and reflect your personal style. ( Don't force it )  If your planning a wedding after spring season, be mindful of transportation around the island, things can get pretty hectic with beach goer's and tourist. The same goes for lodging, arrange for blocks as soon as your date is confirmed. When selecting vendors seek out local talent they tend to know the hidden gems that can really add a unique elements to your ceremony and reception. If your planning a wedding during hurricane season PRAY, but cover your investment with insurance, it's the necessary evil. Lastly be sure to make a weekend of it it allows you the opportunity to slow things down a bit, enjoy family and friends who have travel the miles to spend time with you, greet them with welcome bags filled with the local going's on along with a few necessities, itinerary, sun screen, bug spray, and you can't forget tylenol for the day after. Remember preparation is the key,  reach out to local professionals who can make it happen, you relax and get married. Need a little help, call us to schedule a free initial consult.

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