Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Now that your engaged .....what's next ?

Congratulations on your engagement ! We know that your mind has been racing since your intended popped the question, and it's so hard to narrow down what's THE NEXT thing to do. Take a deep breath and know that the planning process is a journey, that will be filled with a mix of emotions and it's ok to take a few days off. Now let's get to the nitty gritty, of what's actually the next step. From experience we know that most brides select their gown or even a venue, but let's put a hard stop right there,  your first step is chatting with your intended, and your families about the wedding budget and who will contribute. We know, we know numbers right out the gate can sound stressful, but it's actually one of best things that your both can do. Did you know the average wedding budget is $34,000 ? 
That is a lot of cash, and most people have not planned for that number so a conversation has to be had because EVERY decision you make is relative to that number. It dictates the venue that you can accommodate, guest count, the dress, florals and all the details that follow. Let's do a quick break out on numbers that cross my desk daily....

Venue on a Saturday night $4500.00
Security $210.00 ( x 2 ) 
Cake $800.00 + 75.00 for delivery 
Full service caterer with bar tenders and linen $11,776.00 ( oh ! and that's a real number not a typo ) 
Entertainment : Strings $800.00
DJ $1650.00 
Total : $ 20,021.00
I think you get the point here can see that we have not added quite a few necessary vendors and we have almost topped out. We hope that this drives home how important a budget is for you in the planing process, this one thing can help you avoid loosing time visiting vendors who are not within your allocation, and over spending early and coming up short on the back end. So grab a glass of your favorite champagne,  pick of your favorite cheese cake and invite your parents over to show off your ring a little more and chat it up about the budget. There are ton's of resources to calculate your budget, and if those who need a bit more guidance we would love to see you in the office to talk in greater detail about your moment.  Congrats again ! 

what's next

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Buccaneer Room Wedding

We love to see the still images from the moments that we have been allowed to participate in.  We believe that the images in your mind, and the ones captured are what our clients look back on over the years and we advise them to choose wisely. B + L did just that ! And McKenzie Baird knocked it out of the park with the images behind their celebration. Every image is stunning so to narrow it down was not an easy task. If you saw our previous post, B + L selected a first look, and that all bridal party photos be done prior to exchanging vows so that that could attend their own cocktail hour..... LOVE IT !  The couple exchanged vows on the grounds of the islands historical Menard Hall, followed with cocktails in the Maceo Bakery. What followed next was my absolute favorite. ( dinner ) B + L decided early on that every one invited to their celebration would be family, some by blood others by choice. I tell you the energy in the room was palpable as they shared that meal. The dance floor opened with passed tequila shots, that  my friends should give you and idea of the kind of night that followed. OMW it was hard to narrow this down but I hope that you enjoy them as much as we do.

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