Wednesday, January 9, 2019

What we love about weddings by Galveston Wedding Planner

Now you guys and girls all know we love every thing wedding, BUT truth be told we do have a few FAVORITE things that happen on wedding day. We have tried to nail down exactly what it is about those moments  that make us gush with joy, or literally ugly cry happy tears. Now we know that your wracking your brain to figure out exactly what they are let's get to it ! 

1. We love when the bride is getting dressed, and just over her shoulder her is mom beaming with pride, sharing last minute marriage wisdom, and her heart for her daughters future. 
2. When the bride puts on the dress, and the fairytale day beings. 
3. We absolutely swoon when we see all the details that we have planned for months come together and are just the perfect match. 
4.  Our favorite thing is just before the bride walks down the aisle,  and she is just outside the church doors with her father ( insert real ugly tears here)  we have been privileged to some sweet and intimate conversations that we will for ever hold close. 
5.  AND when we see a packed dance floor filled with generations dancing to the beat......their is nothing like it ! 

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