Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Galveston wedding planner Wedding Wednesday tip's

It's wedding Wednesday and we are excited to share 5 reasons why you should choose a first look.
The tradition of not seeing each other prior to the wedding was born during the days of arranged marriages, and slowly changed into " bad luck"  for the couple to see each other prior to the ceremony ( with an emphasis on the groom changing his mind ) BUT lately this tradition has been passed over by brides and groom's who wanted to marry to the beat of their own drum AND we love it !  Now that we have heard the history of why not .....let's chat it up about WHY to ( LOL ! )
1. You get to see each other at the start of the day when your face is freshly beat, and your fashion is at it's peek . 
2. It allows for a quiet moment alone with your intended
3. It provides the opportunity to talk through the nervousness of the day. 
4. It also gives you the opportunity to take all of the photo's prior to the ceremony 
5. get to  mix and mingle during in cocktail hour WITH your guest 
It's a lot to consider BUT we love love them ! 

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