Thursday, January 22, 2015

it's Thirsty Thursday with your Galveston Wedding planner

Last week we chatted about beautiful bar carts for your Moment. This week it's all about the accessories to add personalty to your libation, from beautiful napkins, to fun drink stirrers, and we can't forget about beautiful ice cubes. So let's jump right in !!!!

We love the presentation of ice cubes with herbs, fruit, and even flowers's the unexpected detail 

we still love a fun napkin ....gone are the days of the couples name on them SOOooooo many options so little time 

we also love the drink stirrers - the options are plenty wood, glitter, straws .........oh yeah !!!!! 

AND LAST UP ......the luge it's a show stopper right


  1. That is really difficult for event planning when we don’t have any information or knowledge on how to plan an event. We have to see how to do decoration, venue selection, food and lots of things. Like here in picture wonderful presentation of ice cubes with fruits or herbs, I can’t do or think about this. I loved all pictures of this blog.

  2. Remember that you don't have to DO every thing , a little guidance from a professional goes a log way. Even it it's budget related you can pay for a personalized consult to ask questions that relate to your event.