Monday, June 2, 2014

A real Moment with your Galveston wedding planner C + R non- prosneakpeek

  I can tell you that this wedding hands down tops my list in "partying like its 1999" seriously the dance floor was packed until the lights came up. I was referred to C by a local vendor and I was excited that they selected Moments to collaborate with them on the details. Over the year I got to know C + R pretty well, and to see it all come together makes it all worth the journey. I also wanted to personally Congratulate the two of  you on the  most important day of your life! May you always find love and hope into the company of each other. So with out further's the non- pro sneak peek. 

This little detail was crafted by the groom and his dad guest were invited to sign the small hearts with well wishes this will hang in their home love love it ! 

The devil is in the details and this was perfect ! 

The brides maids gowns were the perfect shade of pale pink 

The couple opted for a first look so that they could enjoy the festivities with their family and friends a little longer 

The entire bridal party ...oh so stylish !!!!

                  Making it official 

Guest were invited into a beautifully 
designed ball room filled with details 

I always try to get a photo and a dance with the newlyweds and their friends 

   If you can't tell R is an avid fisherman 

The night had a few surprises that included midnight snacks that included mini cheese burgers, taquitos, chicken wings, and meatballs 

The brides grandmother Mrs. Diane had some sassy words about the nights events, " I don't know much about weddings BUT I do know that this wedding kicked A#%...." Those words make all of the behind the scenes all worth it. 

      It's official she's Mrs. Delbosque 

         And to all a good night!!!!

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