Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Why should you hire a wedding planner

Congratulations on your engagement ! Now the journey really begins. I can imagine that your still in the after glow of being engaged, posting that ring shot on instagram 😉  and calling all of your friend girls to let them know it's their time to stand by your side. But what's the next step?  Should you be selecting a dress, finding a venue, selecting a cake designer. The answer is really none of the above. It's sitting down with a seasoned wedding professional, chatting it up about every little detail from budgets, time lines, vendors, details....did we mention details. A wedding planner will be able to assist you in creating a budget, and on occasion holding you accountable to staying in budget. They will save you hours in researching vendors, most planners have a preferred vendor list and have cultivated relationships with them and can assure top notch service from them. They will be the gentle guide to what I call the 3 W's  behind the moment , who, what, and when of  wedding planning. Check list creation, no matter the service option you select,  you will have task to complete to ensure that every detail big and small is covered. It's truly a collaboration. They will also guide you on wedding etiquette matters,  who knew that registry cards don't go in the invitations ....( P.s. they really don't ).  They will attend vendor consults and ask tons of questions on your behalf, so that you are equipped to make an informed decision. These things get you TO wedding day, but then it's the finale. Pulling together every detail that you have discussed, and allowing you, your family and friends to enjoy the day celebrating with you and your intended. Not worrying about if the DJ is stuck in traffic, if the linen is the correct color, or any issues that should arise and need to be addressed ( and guess what ....their is always something that needs to be addressed ...ask me how I know LOL ! ) 
Now that you have heard some of the 411 of what we do,  give us a ring to schedule your free initial consult. If you don't know it yet  ....we love chatting it up over champagne and cupcakes.  

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