Wednesday, September 24, 2014

it's wedding Wednesday with your Galveston wedding planner and today we are sharing transportation get away ideas

Last week we shared a few of our favorite grand exit ideas, so we thought the perfect follow up to this would be the Great get away. Yep ladies and gentlemen you have to leave your family and friends to ride off into the sunset. My first thought goes immediately to cans tied to the back of a car ...not sure why that is.  Thankfully our brides have so many creative options to depart after the Moment . So here are a few of our favorite inspiration images. Enjoy !

How cool is this VW van for a get away - it's perfect for the Boho bride - LOVE IT ! 

I love the Taxi get away for the trendy city life couple 

             I would LOVE to see this get away after leaving a country inspired wedding

And Bikes for the green couple ......

The boat is perfect for the Galveston beach front couple ....SWOON 


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  1. Wow all these ideas are just fabulous dear!! I really appreciate your event planner for these awesome ideas. I liked the boat idea the most out of all. Thanks for sharing this information and ideas with all of us. You know I also got some great ideas for my wedding.