Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Top five steps to start your wedding planning

Well we are so glad that you asked us that question. You have your ring and the man of your dreams at your side, and you also have that pile of bridal magazines for inspiration but your thinking what's next right? After you have shared the great news with family and friends it's time  for the first to do list.

1 Budget - Yep ! Let's get that BIG detail out of the way first. You need to determine who will contribute  how much they can tribute and the over all budget allocation. Then count it down ....woooo saaa

2. Date - decide when you want to tie the knot. Do you want to exchange vows during the early spring under a gorgeous tree?  Are you considering fall with it's rich tones? Once you have decided on the season select a few dates that could work for the two of you and your families and then it's on to number three....can you guess what it is ?........

3. If you said who, you would be correct. It's time to begin your guest list and YOU will want to invite every one you know but you will need to refer back to step number one ...budget. The budget will be the guide as to how many guest you can actually invite.

4.  Style - You have one right ? Romantic, vintage, modern, funky, it's the reflection of you two. This doesn't have to be set in stone but you should have a general idea of the feeling you want to evoke. Once you have your inspiration your headed to step number five ......location location location

5. It's building a great foundation for your Moment. Now that you have your style,budget, and date in mind you can begin researching venues. Select your top three and schedule a site tours. Always refer back to steps one through five when your building the foundation for the day. Remember planning will have it's ups and downs BUT the marriage is what really counts. SO enjoy the ride !!!!

Now that you have completed the top 5 things you have a running start on the planning process. Next up is calling a great wedding planner to help you tie together the details.


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