Saturday, August 10, 2013

Selecting the Wedding cake that wow 's

    Let's face it the wedding cake are one of the things your guest look forward to seeing on wedding day. The details make or break the deal, from fondants to butter cream and every thing in between. A few things must be considered when selecting the perfect cake for your Moment.  We wanted to share a few tips on selecting the perfect wedding cake for your celebration Start early in the planning process, it allows you time to select designs, flavors, and interview a bakery that is able to bring to life your vision. First things first is selecting the bakery,  you can start by online researching, asking friends or family who have recently tied the knot or celebrated a special occasion. Once you have them narrowed down to your top three you can schedule a face to face where you will get to know each other, once there you will share your thoughts on design and taste. P.S. remember to listen to the cake designer suggestions too - their goal is to create a beautiful cake that is a reflection of you. Once you have decided on the design next is the taste - select a flavor that makes you happy but also be sure to consider your guest too - you won't make every one happy but you should be midstream in your selection. Next step is how much cake you will need  to serve your guest and the bakery will be able to assist you in. Just remember it's your Moment to celebrate so have FUN! Now here are a few cakes that WOW 

Pink white and gold ....WOW 

This ENTIRE cake is swoon worthy ...we love it ! 

 nontraditional yet unique 

AND this FOLKS is it !!!!! SHOW STOPPING 


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