Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Now that your engaged..what's next

We are so glad that you asked ! 
We know that by now you have called all of your family and friends and you may have even grabbed a few of your favorite magazines for inspiration behind the moment.  Let us so graciously say ...STOP where you are, call up your honey, pour a glass of your favorite libation and decide on a wedding budget. It's the foundation for every decision you will make moving forward. Traditionally the brides family bears most of the weight financially, but these days' it's not uncommon for the families to share the  responsibility. Once you have decided on the magic number, it's time to break  out what the line items look like, they range from rings, to honey moon. Then it's good old fashion math from there, we have created a quick cheat sheet to help you get started.  
( Be sure to keep a portion for your event planner) Congratulations and happy planning ! 

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