Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Your Galveston wedding planner is out and about today at The Trolleystation

One of our jobs as a wedding and event planners is finding new locations to celebrate Moments on the island. So you can imagine our excitement when one of our brides called asking had we visited the Trolley station, a friend had recommended the space to them for their spring nuptials. We had not heard of the space it's and island jewel that is almost a hidden in plain site, so we scheduled a walk through and were absolutely blown away at the potential of this space. Soooooo here's the 411
The space is located in Galveston's historic strand district. It can accommodate  guest counts of 300. It over looks the strand and all of the daily goings on. The entry way is the PERFECT space for a fun cocktail hour , where you guest would then take the stairs to what I think of as a loft space with tons of wood , brick and glass......STUNNING. The space calls for your personal flair. I managed to snag a few images for your enjoyment. SO be sure to give them a call and schedule a walk through ..then give us a ring to help plan the details of your Moment.

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