Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Wedding Wednesday with your Galveston wedding planner

It's wedding Wednesday and we wanted to take a Moment to share a few tips on finding the perfect wedding gown for your celebration. 
1.We love the idea of a group gathering to help you find you gown, but the truth is this ....each woman has her idea of what you should look like on that day. So I would tell you to take two to three trusted advisers, maybe your mom, sister or aunt. ( not too many cooks in the kitchen) Once you have selected the dress invite all of the other ladies to join you ;) 
2. Remember that you will have to allow time for your gown to be ordered, I have seen four to six months turn around time , and this is non inclusive of alterations.
3. Pss........alterations are a totally separate fee that the gown so don't top out your budget thinking that you won't need to do any thing else. 
4. Try something on that you have NO intention on ...sometimes you surprise your self. 
5. Lastly ...have fun ladies. 
You have waited to play dress up your entire life and this is the Moment !!!! Enjoy it 
Now here a photo of our stunning bride Rachel .....perfect right ? 

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