Saturday, February 8, 2014

A little Nautical wedding inspiration from your Galveston wedding planner

We are full swing planning M+R's sun set beach wedding and it's fun to see how the look changes (and the possibility of changes) over the weeks leading up to them tying the "Knot" . I had a good conversation with the groom R yesterday and learned that he worked up and down the coast and over the globe on a ship where he literally learned to tie tons of different knots. They met on the island, lived on the island, will exchange vows on the island ...all romantic right? It just got my mind running on a "knot/nautical" themed wedding on the island, and the perfect place for it to all go down. SO I had to get it out by creating a inspiration board, I have not shared them with them yet - but we planners get to have a little fun too right? I don't know what it's going to eventually end up looking like but here is my minds eye view. Happy Saturday y'all enjoy the Moment
M + R are TYING the KNOT

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