Friday, December 20, 2013

Sneak Peek - Ashton Villa Wedding

We are always excited to share sneak peeks from our clients Moments This morning we opened our mail box to this word one syllable describes it FUN !!!!!!!! There is a story behind this - on wedding day during cocktail hour the groom's men approached me to ask for five minutes from my carefully crafted timeline for a "surprise" and I can tell you surprises can be great or what the what. They quickly fill me in on a few antics that commonly happen when they are gathered together and that this one is historic and must happen for Rick Flair (it's the grooms alter ego) I shake my head yes but secretly wonder what is about to happen next....... I can tell you that this was a welcomed surprise and here is the proof. More images will follow but this will tide us over until the arrive. Thanks to the amazing Shawna Edoo for the image You ROCK !!!!!


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