Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A + S Real Wedding - Galveston, Texas Buchanan Gallery

This will go down as one of my FAVORITE events to plan. Akoin is the groom and he contacted me to plan the couples intimate vow renewal as a surprise to his wife Sophea. (And yes you read it correctly it was a surprise)  Akoni serves our country in Afghanistan and we did all of the collaboration via emails, we did not have a phone conversation until he landed stateside two weeks prior to the big surprise. I must tell you that as a woman I was apprehensive of the groom relaying all of the details that his wife would love to see from her favorite color, foods,flowers, drinks and her style, BUT I must tell you that he did GREAT !!!! Our plan was to meet the day prior to the ceremony after Akoin had popped the question,  I made reservations for the couple at Rudy and Pacos and would meet them for dessert...again as a surprise to Sophea. I arrived at the restaurant only to find Akoni had waited on me his exact words were " I thought you should be here too since you have worked so hard" need less to say Sophea was trying to figure out what exactly was going on.  Akoin took her hand - dropped to one knee and reminded her of when the first got married how he was unable to give her the wedding of her dreams, how her dad did not walk her down the isle, and how he had not gotten her  the ring - at that time he just wanted to marry her prior to being deployed ( makes you gush... right ) and how he had not forgotten that over the years. I just love it !   "yes"  was her answer then he tells her "tomorrow and this is our wedding planner" ....her response "WHAT ????? "  that would have been mine too. Then the questions flowed "what bout our kids, my parents, food, friends, my dress.... It was our pleasure to share the details that Akoni had carefully selected, we spent the evening filling her in the details of her Moment. I can tell you that their wedding day was perfect, it included their two beautiful children,family, and close friends. So with out further delay it's a real  Moments wedding !!!!!

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