Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Managing GREAT expectations

As a planner I wear many hats, one of them is a manager of expectations. Brides are so excited about planning such a monumental event in their lives the dress,the cake,the flowers,and all of the details surrounding the moment they say " I Do" that sometimes they don't balance the dream and the pocket book. It's a mix of a few things excitement, inspiration, and sometimes plain old not knowing. For example :I received this recent inquiry " I am planning a beach wedding, my guest count is 100, I want my guest to remember how beautiful every thing was. I need a planner to help pull it all together, and realistic event budget is 2,000.00". Two thousand dollars is nothing to sneeze at but the reality here is her expectation and pocket book are a little out of sync. Am I saying she can't have a beautiful! But I am saying she needs to step back and evaluate if this can really happen within the budget allocation she has. There are a few things that can be done here, but I would definitely suggest consulting with a professional event planner ( most offer this service ) prior to jumping in hands and feet first only to find out this can't be done exactly as she has envisioned. They will be knowledgeable in budget allocation,vendor referral and managing your expectations. I would have a few suggestions here first things first trim the guest list to 20, select a mid-week wedding, and a cocktail reception(no alcohol )Yep! Just that quickly we planners can solve SOME problems. We are not magic fairies but our goal is to be the gentle guide during the planning process. So come with open ears and a balanced check book.What ever your vision is for your wedding remember its all about balance. Enjoy the process ! And I know your thinking...could she really do this? Thursday beach venue rental $375.00/ single layer cake $65.00/DIY invitations $45.00/flowers $185.00/DIY decor $30.00(3)/ attire $450.00/ linen rentals $80.00/photos 3 hours at $300.00/appetizers 20.00(20)$400.00 = $1,990.00 Ka Ching !

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