Thursday, March 19, 2015

Congratulations from Your Galveston wedding planner

Last week we received a call from J needing help planning a romantic beach front proposal to his girl friend T. We knew that we could pull together the details of this Moment , so off we ran to find the perfect secluded location on the island. Once we nailed the location down the rest fell into place.  My assistant and I headed to the location to set up for the proposal, and we impatiently waited on the beach for the couple to arrive ( we pretended to be taking photos on the beach so that our AMAZING photographer could be in place to get the Moment on film)  I will tell you that the limo was stuck in traffic and fog set in BUT  it was great !!!!  We wanted to take a little time to share their Moment....Enjoy !

                        Walking down to the beach ....she has no clue what's a bout to happen

But first let me take a selfie ........


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