Monday, January 19, 2015

A Moment with your Galveston wedding planner

This weekend J + S tied the knot off the island....yeah we occasionally leave the island to plan Moments.  I met J a few years back, when she taught middle brown girl in the fourth grade and we bonded over that time. Fast forward to "the call" that would begin the wedding planning journey. We kicked over tons on locations, spent hours searching for inspiration and the final product was the culmination of our brain storm. AND we are excited to share the non- pro sneak peek with you.

Enjoy !!!!!

   If you can't tell it by looking at this our couple loves science - this seating chart was the  perfect detail 


The cake was one of my favorite details,I know you won't believe it BUT all of those flowers are paper 

our beautiful bride J 

                            Almost official 

                            stunning paper bouquet 

table setting with the knot to the science "geeks" note the beakers and flask ps.....and the favors were great to "the perfect chemistry"

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