Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Behind the Moment..... meet your Galveston Wedding planner

Occasionally as a planner I think it's important to let you see a bit of myself behind the Moment. I began planning weddings in 2005, but the journey down that aisle was not as glamorous. I was always the person who planned the social gatherings for family and friends but only for personal fun, until I stumbled across a book who's first  few lines would change how I thought about planning parties. The line read " If people ask you to do it that's your first clue that your good at it  " and that followed with " Why can't you get paid to have fun". Those two lines changed my world right side up ...or down depends on your perspective. From that moment on I knew that I wanted to be a planner to explain my new passion to my parents who paid good money for nursing school. Fast forward to two semesters of floral design at the local community college, 1 course in cake design (hated it), and finishing up with a planning certificate at Ashworth. I know a pretty crazy mix right ? But I can tell you that all of those experiences make me well rounded when it comes to planning the details behind the scenes of weddings and parties that our clients have allowed us to participate in. I love that this job has allowed me to meet new people, share in the love stories of two families becoming one, to be creative, to collaborate with clients and vendors who have the same goal in mind....A beautiful Moment. I am thankful for the support of my family, friends and my team who has to listen to me gush about the details, scream about logistics, and has helped me out in tight spots THEY ROCK !!! So if you are planning a celebration in the Galveston, Houston area it would give me no greater pleasure than to chat with you about the details of your Moment.

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