Friday, December 28, 2012

Favorite thing Friday !!

I recently purchased my first "Southern Weddings" magazine, and I must tell you that I absolutely love it ! It's filled with tons of inspiration images for the southern girl looking to put her unique spin on her wedding day. As I swooned I came across one single image that made me smile inside, it was a photo of Moziah Bridges the CEO of Mo's bows, at the tender age of 9 he has carved out a niche for himself creating colorful bow ties. Now maybe it's the fact that I have three brown girls and bow ties are non existent at my home BUT I absolutely Love them !!! So I wanted to share it with you this Friday because you guessed it, it's my favorite thing !!! So be sure to visit and shop at Mo's bows online , I definitely plan on ordering a few of these for my nephew to rock out (I am keeping my fingers crossed) . You know I can't leave you without a few images of his creations, these would be perfect for the groom and his bridal party, classic with a bit of whimsy. Again I love these !!!!!

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