Thursday, May 31, 2012

Favorite thing Friday !

OMG !!!! It's Friday and yes I am singing... it's the weekend baby !!! That's when the magic happens for event planners. I am excited to share this weeks find with y'all. When I got married way back when your photographer shot the wedding and months later you received your images in a photo album. We didn't have smart phones Facebook or any social media that allowed our guest to be in the know or share the moment with you with instant images. We did have disposable cameras that guest toted to the celebration, some of those photos did reach our local pharmacy for printing and a few made it to the top of the fridge collected dust and were never to be printed for viewing purposes. Technology has advanced, and most images are digital these days and guest can snap and share ..maybe even tag you on Facebook.  I wanted to share WeddingSnap with you, it's an app that allows the bride and groom to create a single wedding day album on Facebook for the guest to contribute  photos in real time.  I love the idea of seeing other's point of view on your special day. No more disposable cameras unless you like those. So down load the app and get busy telling your guest to join in the fun ! Happy Friday !


  1. I saw this at the bridal show in Jan. Interesting.
    Not sure about the cost. Would be a waste if no one took pictures.