Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Gartein Verein

This is a unique venue located in Galveston, Texas . I planned my first wedding here back in 2008. During my first site visit I was quite surprised , I was not expecting the "historical" venue. My first impression was "OMG" why would she select this venue,but my thoughts quickly changed.( The venue was originally a social club built by Galveston's German community) The venue is filled with hints of history that can be woven into your wedding. From the Victorian style, out door ceremony site, hard wood floors, and beautiful landscape. It's waits your inspiration. One of my favorite weddings in this space was an intimate gathering of 80 guest for P + T( I laugh at the thought of them now, It was my pleasure to participate) They loved the history and all of the possibilities for their moment.  I hope their wedding inspires you too !

Mrs.Pam D

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